Automotive Test
Cell Equipment

All ETC automotive test cell equipment is developed with our customer’s unique requirements in mind and with great consideration for how each piece of automotive test equipment will be integrated into an existing facility. ETC’s 50+ years of experience allow for a completely custom configured system, even with the most limited of space applications.

Conditioned Air
Supply System

ETC’s Conditioned Air Supply (CAS) system provides combustion air for test engines and dilution air for exhaust measurement systems. The system delivers air at a precisely controlled temperature, humidity, pressure and flow rate, and is free from pollutants


ETC’s Altitude Simulation System is a uniquely designed environmental simulation system that is engineered to accurately simulate high altitude conditions at the induction air and exhaust side of the engine being tested.

Low Temperature Process Chiller

ETC’s Automotive Low Temperature Process Chiller is custom designed for general, industrial, laboratory and OEM applications.

Extreme Temperature Air Handler

The heavy-duty construction and rugged reinforced housing and access doors make the Extreme Temperature Air Handler the right solution for your extreme temperature air handling needs both indoors and out.

Automoteive Test Cell Equipment Air Handler