Environmentally-friendly and cost-effective environmental simulation systems.


Automotive Test Equipment

In today’s automotive industry, performance standards are continually increasing with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly and cost-effective products. ETC offers a complete line of state-of-the art standard and custom-engineered environmental simulation systems and automotive test equipment capable of simulating any climatic condition your product might encounter.
Simulating Environments For Over 40 Years
For over 40 years, ETC has provided customized environmental simulation systems and equipment for a variety of testing applications. Our unique line of environmental simulation equipment provides the ability to replicate diverse environmental test conditions with the highest degree of accuracy. Each environmental simulation system is custom-engineered to provide the test repeatability demanded by today’s automotive industry.
Fully-Customized To Meet Unique Client Requirements
All ETC environmental simulation equipment is developed with our customer’s unique requirements in mind and with great consideration for how each piece of automotive test equipment will be integrated into an existing facility. ETC’s 40+ years of experience allow for a completely custom configured system, even with the most limited of space applications.

HVAC Environmental Simulation Test Equipment

The highly competitive HVAC industry calls upon manufacturers to be one step ahead of the competition. ETC’s HVAC environmental simulation test equipment simulates specialized environmental conditions with great consideration for the environment, and provides manufacturers the ability to achieve their objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner, without sacrificing test accuracy and repeatability.
Our engineering group works with each client to technically define the specific applications, objectives and expectations of each test program. This attention to detail enables the production of the most customized environmental simulation equipment available that optimizes research and development efforts, while making the most of your testing and validation program.
Trust ETC to assist you in developing your set of specifications and allow us to design a cost-effective solution that will meet all of the needs of your test program.