Specializing in simulated environments for training, testing, and research and development.

Since 1969, Environmental Tectonics Corporation has specialized in simulated environments for training, testing, and research & development for a variety of niche markets worldwide. ETC’s global reach includes operational installations in over 90 countries, with offices in the US, Europe, Asia, Poland, Turkey and Egypt.

To meet the increasing demand for ETC services and products, ETC’s Global Headquarters in Southampton, Pennsylvania assembled “Team ETC”, a powerful group of local specialty vendors. Built on decades of complex and demanding project experience, the TEAM ETC network spans the technology-heavy Northeastern USA and adheres to the highest design and manufacturing standards.

ETC’s Aircrew Training Systems provides the most advanced simulation trainers to the aerospace community, supporting training and research efforts in the areas of spatial disorientation, situational awareness, aircraft egress, night vision, upset recovery, high altitude and high G flight.

For high fidelity motion-based simulators that replicate the signature feel and real G forces of any tactical aircraft, ETC’s Tactical Flight Training Systems provides the military aviation community an alternative approach to in-aircraft tactical flight training. ATFS creates the real physiological stresses of flight for a complete distributed mission training environment.

For the life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical device industry, ETC Sterilization Systems delivers industrial steam and Ethylene oxide sterilizers that are durable, energy efficient and adaptable to any facility requirement.

For automotive and HVAC test equipment, ETC Testing and Simulation Systems supports validation, testing, and R & D by making environmentally friendly test equipment that yields the most accurate and repeatable results in the industry.

Hyperbaric BaraMed monoplace chambers meet the needs of clinical, diving, and research facilities. ETC BioMedical Systems products feature the BaraPress Operating System for control and record-keeping, and exclusive Smooth Ride technology, reducing the incidence of barotraumas by 67 percent.

First introduced in 1994, the Advanced Disaster Management Simulator, or ADMS , is an interactive, virtual-reality training platform for the emergency management, disaster preparedness, homeland security and defense markets, both international and domestic. All ADMS products are developed by ETC Simulation in Orlando, Florida, deep in the heart of “simulation row.”

ETC-PZL, our subsidiary in Warsaw, Poland, offers a unique product line of flight and vehicle simulators to the international market, while providing their engineering and visual simulation expertise throughout all of ETC’s products.

Based in Ankara, Turkey, ETC-TURKEY is the expert group behind ETC’s forward-thinking software design. ETC-TURKEY is staffed with personnel recruited from elite Turkish software engineering schools and keeps ETC software on the cutting-edge of control technology.

ETC’s National Aerospace Training and Research Center, better known as the NASTAR Center, provides a comprehensive aerospace training and research facility for those in the commercial, military and space flight industries. The NASTAR Foundation offers educational programming to further the understanding of flight dynamics and space travel for the next generation of students and educators.